Your Guide to Selling in the Current US Housing Market

The US housing market is experiencing historic home sale conditions. We look at how sellers can approach the sale of their home in these market conditions.

2021 is quickly becoming one of the best years in history to sell a house in the US. With the country still recovering from the pandemic, a wild election, and tons of other events and issues, the demand for residential real estate has skyrocketed.

As a result, home values, particularly in popular suburbs surround metro areas, are rising monthly. And competition is fierce in the US housing market. With so few homes for sale, many sellers are receiving dozens of offers in a matter of hours, selling in one or two days’ time.

If you’ve been considering selling your house, now is the perfect time if you want to sell fast, for top dollar, and without having to make any improvements.

Keep reading to learn more about this year’s real estate forecast, why you should sell your house, and how to go about it.

Why It’s a Good Time to Sell

The housing market in the US, just like many other industries, is extremely volatile and prone to fluctuation. At times, demand for homes is low and it turns into a buyer’s market. This is when it becomes harder to sell your home.

But right now, it’s a seller’s market. Sellers are in the driver’s seat as there are so few houses for sale that competition to purchase the available inventory is high.

As a result, home values are rising. Your home is most likely worth much more now than it was six months ago, and much more than it was a year and a half ago. But this trend of rising home values can only go so far before it stops and even starts to decrease.

And because the stock of houses for sale is so low in most cities, home buyers are quick to put in offers. There’s a good chance that the day you list your house for sale, you are going to get multiple offers.

And the best part? People are offering much more than the asking price in hopes of finally getting a home.

Homebuyers are even waiving the right to perform a home inspection, which can save you time. Plus, if your home has imperfections, it’s unlikely the buyer will try to negotiate a lower price as a result.

How to Sell Fast In this US Housing Market

Looking to capitalize on the current housing trends? There are a few things to do.

You don’t have to fix up everything in your home, making it perfect. Buyers are looking past all that stuff. But you do want the house to look good.

Decluttering your home can help buyers envision themselves in your home more effectively than if your home was full of junk. Then, either spend a few days deep cleaning your home, or hire professionals to take care of it for you. Hire window cleaners for professional cleaning on the inside and outside of your windows. 

Then, you need to hire a realtor and walk through the selling process with them. But if you want to save time and skip that entire process, you can go to to sell your house fast for cash.

Maximizing a Seller’s Market

The US housing market is crazy. For homebuyers, it’s extremely stressful, as most are putting in dozens of offers and still not getting a house.

But for sellers, it’s an incredible time. You can receive top dollar for your home, often more than it’s worth. With that extra cash, you can pay off debt, take a nice trip, or even pursue a real estate investment opportunity.

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