Does a Swimming Pool or Hot Tub Increase Home Value?

Are you thinking about installing a swimming pool or a hot tub and wondering if it will increase the value of your home? Here is everything you need to know.

A private pool in your own backyard, it’s a dream for a lot of people. And with just 4.1% of US households having an inground pool installed, it appears to remain a dream for most of us.

But, you are reading this post, so it’s probably safe to assume that a private swimming pool may be a dream for you, right?

If that is you, we are here to shed some light on the potential value a pool could add to your home to make it worthwhile, so read on.

Is It Guaranteed to Increase My Home’s Value?

Well, not guaranteed, no. But depending on a few other factors, inground pools have been shown to add up to 7% to the value of your property. 

That might add up to a fairly substantial amount of money, but as we said, this is reliant on a few other things.

Location is important in terms of how much of the year this pool will actually be functional.

Pools in locations like Florida, Arizona, and Hawaii frequently add to the price tag on a home because they can be used year-round.

The neighborhood is also an important factor as if most homes around you have one and you don’t this could actually drive down the value of your home. 

And if most of the homes around yours don’t have one, this can go either way depending on the value of the homes and prospective buyers, but it can almost always bump up the asking price.

What Could I Do to Improve the Value Further?

Swimming pool installation is an expensive business and often the maintenance can amount to a pretty significant bill too.

But, if you are interested in adding to your home, you might also consider working with a swimming pool company that can perform hot tub installations as well.

You see, adding a spa not only elevates the overall appeal and elegance of your pool and garden, and even the home by extension. Having a spa integrated with the pool extends its use year-round and the hot tub elements are much cheaper to maintain.

There are several other factors that go into why adding a spa is a great idea and you can discover more here.

So Do I Add a Swimming Pool to My Property or Not?

The reality is that a swimming pool should be first and foremost looked at from a perspective of an investment in your household’s wellbeing and enjoyment.

There is no guarantee that the money will be made up but with the right circumstances, obviously, it can be a profitable addition. 

However, factoring in maintenance fees and everything else, it should be seriously considered as a contribution to your family rather than an investment in the property.

The Choice Is Yours

And maybe you didn’t want to hear that but take the above into consideration and maybe speak to a realtor or someone who can guide you in terms of valuing your home and whether a pool will add to it.

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