3 Advantages of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring is a beautiful and cost-effective flooring choice. Here are the major advantages of this type of flooring.

You’re changing up the look of your flooring this year — a home improvement task that is long overdue. And you’re especially interested in trying out engineered hardwood flooring this year.

Smart choice. Engineered hardwood flooring looks like traditional hardwood flooring — so much that the flooring industry views both as interchangeable. 

Many homeowners are flocking to engineered hard wood flooring because it is a beautiful and cost-effective flooring choice. But that’s not the only reason for its popularity.

Here’s a rundown on the top three advantages of engineered hardwood flooring in 2021.

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1. Authenticity

One of the top reasons to buy engineered hardwood flooring is that it is actually wood, not just a wood look-alike.

Because it is authentic, engineered wood flooring is more stable when compared with solid hardwood or laminate floors. In addition, you can use it in areas of your home that have high moisture content, like bathrooms and kitchens. You can’t do this with solid wood or laminate.

Also, note that engineered wood comes in a variety of hues to fit your home’s decor and your personal style. For instance, at nydreeflooring.com, you can easily find options such as reclaimed oak, maple, ash, walnut, and even white oak.

2. Maintenance

Yet another reason to install engineered wood flooring in your home is that it is simpler to maintain when compared with solid hardwood flooring.

One reason for this is that hardwood flooring is designed to be water resistant while also being comfortable and durable. You should still try to clean up spills on your floor as soon as possible, however, because this type of flooring isn’t 100% waterproof.

Also, if your top layer is thick, you may refinish your flooring as needed over time. However, it is wise to check with the flooring manufacturer’s instructions to do this correctly and thus avoid damaging your floor.

Engineered wood flooring is also extremely DIY friendly, which is why it appeals to many homeowners. For instance, you can easily nail it, staple it, glue it, or install it as a floating floor. You can also install it over concrete.

3. Sustainability

Finally, engineered hardwood flooring stands out in the flooring industry for being extremely environmentally friendly. That’s because manufacturers slice the veneer instead of cutting it. This process does not create any waste or sawdust.

Also, because engineered wood uses thin layers of logs, fewer trees are needed to supply the engineered wood flooring marketplace.

This means with engineered wood flooring, you can reduce your ecological footprint while also enjoying a flooring look in your home that will always be in demand.

Take Advantage of the Many Benefits of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Thanks to technological advances, today’s engineered hardwood flooring has captured the attention of many homeowners who are looking for a wood look when installing new flooring. And for good reason.

Engineered hardwood flooring offers the benefit of being simple to maintain, eco-friendly, and authentic compared with laminate flooring. Consider the above-listed advantages of engineered hardwood flooring as you embark on your wood flooring purchase and installation journey in 2021.

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