What Are the Different Types of Bathrooms That Homeowners Have Today?

Did you know that not all bathrooms are created equal these days? Here are the many different types of bathrooms that homeowners love today.

Did you know the bathroom renovations are super popular with homeowners? If you want to freshen up your bathroom or add a half-bath, we can help.

We will spend some time comparing the different types of bathrooms homeowners choose. Renovating your bathroom is an excellent home renovation project.

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Shower and Tub Bathroom

As a smart homeowner, you should consider this bathroom option. The tub and shower will either get combined or remain separate.

If you choose to combine them, then you will need to follow certain steps. A low faucet must serve the tub, and the shower part will need a raised shower head.

The tub and the shower tend to share the same controls.

Full Bathrooms

Do you have a full bathroom in your home?

A full bathroom will have a shower, sink, toilet, tub, shower combination, or a separate shower and tub.

Most houses on the market will have one full bathroom at least. Full bathrooms are a practical and versatile choice for your home.

The full bathroom includes a couple of functions in a smaller space. It’s common for a mid-priced home with two bedrooms to have at least one full bath.

What About a Primary Bathroom?

The main bathroom is a full bathroom. These bathrooms tend to connect to the primary bedroom in the house. This bathroom is also known as an en suite or an attached bathroom.

A door permits entrance into the primary bedroom. A second door will open up into that bathroom. Sometimes, the double-entry will get left off. The toilet will get enclosed in its own space and has a door.

If your house has a second bathroom, a primary bathroom will add more value. Real estate associations will classify it as the primary bedroom.

What About a Half-Bathroom?

Do you feel uncomfortable when guests come over and use your private bathroom? Consider adding a half-bathroom.

Half-bathrooms are also called guest bathrooms or powder rooms. A half-bath will give you more privacy. Visitors can wash up and use the toilet without entering your bedroom.

Since full bathrooms are more personal with medicines, visitors won’t see them. Half-bathrooms are for limited use and brief use. There isn’t a lot of storage there.

If you have enough space in your home, consider adding a half-bathroom to your home. You will increase the value of your house and also have another space for guests to use.

What About Quarter Bathrooms?

You could also consider this home renovation project.

A quarter bathroom is a smaller room with either a shower stall or a toilet. Quarter bathrooms are also called utility showers or utility toilets.

Quarter-bathrooms tend to get placed in an older home’s lower level or basement.

Quarter-bathrooms allow the homeowner working outside to use the washroom without walking through the house.

Jack-and-Jill Bathrooms

A smart homeowner will plan ahead and think about how to increase the curb appeal and value of their home.

Consider investing in a jack-and-jill bathroom.

This bathroom will get positioned between two bedrooms. There are two doors to enter the bathroom. The bathrooms will also feature two sinks and include a shower, tub, and toilet.

What About a Split Entry Bathroom?

Split bathrooms will section the entry area and primary sink in one part of your bathroom. The toilet and tub will get encased in another part of the bathroom.

Split bathrooms are ideal where more than one person needs to share the bathroom. It will feel as if there are two separate bathrooms.

One family member can use the sink area while the other person occupies the other place. Would this work in your home?

Residential Bathrooms

Do you or another family member use a wheelchair? You might consider renovating your home for this kind of bathroom.

The bathrooms are designed for wheelchair users and are more prominent, so there’s enough floor space. The wheelchair user should have the room to make a complete turn.

Also, the doors in the bathroom will have a specific width. Look into adding this bathroom if you need more room.

Consider Your Budget and Goal

Now that you understand the different bathrooms think about your goals and budget. Would you like to add value to your home and make your home more practical?

Do you have a dream bathroom in mind? Would you like to add an old-fashioned tub or replace the flooring?

Remodel bathroom projects could include things like adding a walk-in shower. Make a list of your dream list items, and then think about the added value.

Find an Excellent Contractor

You should find a reputable bathroom contractor. You don’t want to spend thousands on this project, only hiring another contractor to fix the mistakes.

Ask your network for a contractor they know. You want to get a contractor with an excellent reputation and the right skillset.

Spend Time Considering the Different Types of Bathrooms

We hope this guide on the different types of bathrooms was helpful. Think about what kind of bathroom you will need for your family. Do you need a larger bathroom? Would you like to add a half-bath to your house?

Find a reputable contractor who can help you navigate these decisions.

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