Real Estate 101: Where To Live in Chicago

If you want to move to a different part of Chicago, or are moving for the first time, learn what pro realtors are saying about where to live in Chicago here.

Chicago is the third highest populated state in the U.S which shows people are desperate to move there.

The Windy City offers it all: baseball, delicious deep-pan pizza, and jazz. Perhaps you’re planning to move to Chicago but you’re not sure which area is best for you.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here is where to live in Chicago. 


One of the best places to live in Chicago in Lakeview. As the name suggests, this wonderful neighborhood sits next to the city’s renowned lake and offers spectacular views. 

It’s also home to Wrigleyville, where baseball fanatics can rejoice at Wrigley Field. As you expect, this area is packed with fantastic eateries and watering holes. 

Logan Square 

Those moving to Chicago should consider living in Logan Square. It’s one of the oldest areas of the city but it’s recently found a new life, thanks to its artsy vibe. Plus, you’re spoiled with a range of hipster bars and breweries, making it a hotspot for young professionals. 

And if you’re selling a home in Chicago, then visit to learn more about the process. 

Humboldt Park

Residents living in Chicago can’t get enough of Humboldt Park on the West Side of the city. It’s the perfect environment to raise a family as it’s filled with quiet tree-lined streets and luscious parks.  

You’re also surrounded by art as the walls are covered in mosaics and murals, often depicting the area’s Puerto Rican history.   

Wicker Park

If you’re buying a home in Chicago, look no further than Wicker Park. This neighborhood is like Logan Square and caters to both young professionals and families.

Because of this, you’re gifted with styling nightlife along with parks for kids and a raised cycle path so you can safely explore the city.  


In the Southwest of Chicago, sits the charming neighborhood of Bridgeport. You can choose from an eclectic selection of properties, from charming cottages to brick two-flats.

It’s also close to Chinatown and the Paseo Trail runs north of the neighborhood, perfect for a day out with the family. 


One of the most popular spots in Chicago, especially for Millenials, is Pilsen. There’s a huge range of homes, whether you want condos or a multi-family property, so it welcomes a mixed crowd. 

Pilsen is filled with delicious eateries and boutique stores so there’s something for everyone. 

West Loop

West Loop sits at the river’s western bank so properties boast relaxing views of the calm waters. It’s also a popular spot for shopping and gourmet dining, making it a must-visit for foodies. 

A major bonus is that despite everything West Loop offers, it’s affordable even for recent graduates.   

Our Where to Live in Chicago Tips

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know where to live in Chicago. 

Chicago offers something for everyone whether you’re a baseball fan desperate to live next to Wrigley field or after a quiet neighborhood like Humboldt Park. Wherever you choose, make sure you visit first so you get a taste of the city. Good luck!  

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