Perfect Property: 9 Ways To Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Whether it's to help it sell or just for your own satisfaction, you want your home exterior to look good. Learn how to boost curb appeal with these tips.

People spend an average of 32 hours every year on maintaining their lawn in the United States. All of this time is spent cutting the grass, decorating, and creating new ideas that will impress people.

If you are looking to sell your home or just want a better view when you pull up, there are a variety of ways you can do so.  Continue reading to discover the best tips that will improve curb appeal at your home! 

1. Put on a Fresh Coat of Paint 

If you want to boost curb appeal, you should consider applying a fresh coat of paint to the house.

A new coat of paint can help clean up your home and make it look new again. Although this can be an expensive project, you can work on it within your own time. Often, paint can be applied to specific areas that have sustained damage or natural wear and tear. 

By applying new paint you can transform your home with a new color or design. 

2. Trim the Bushes & Plants

Improving curb appeal can be easy if you grab the trimmers and keep your plants under control. 

Trimming the plants will prevent them from overgrowing and keep them in a good, full shape. Although growth is good for plants, you should monitor how much they are growing and if it is taking over the house or yard. 

Another advantage of trimming your bushes and plants is that it will help control bugs around your house and prevent them from swarming. 

3. Plant Flowers 

A great way to draw positive attention to your home is by planting beautiful flowers.

Flowers add a pop of color when all anyone can see is green grass. This helps break up the yard and make it look more complete. Some of the best places to plant flowers are along the path to your front door and directly along with the house. 

A retaining wall will help keep mulch and dirt under control once the flowers are planted. 

4. Maintain the Grass

One of the best ways to improve curb appeal is to maintain your grass and keep it trim at all times.

A lawn service company can help assist you with this task if you don’t have the time to keep up on it yourself. Make sure that the grass is cut short, but keep it longer in the heat of summer to prevent it from burning. You should also edge the grass and use a leaf blower to get rid of the mess. 

Maintaining the grass will help make your home look clean and complete when you pull up. 

5. Light it Up

Adding lights to the outside of your home can make it more welcoming.

Lights can draw attention to specific areas of the home and keep people’s eyes focused on the beauty. Many people recommend using solar lights because you don’t have to worry about plugging them in or changing the batteries.

You can also incorporate lights in the backyard within the trees or around the patio. Try looking for bulbs that are dim so that they don’t attract too many bugs. 

6. Update House Numbers 

Updating the address numbers on your house can improve curb appeal and help people find their way.

To change the numbers, grab a screwdriver and remove the old ones. If they are in decent condition, you could consider painting them for a fresh look and reinstall them. If the numbers are too damaged, you can replace them completely with new ones. 

Make sure that the numbers stand out and are easy to read from the street so that people can find your home. 

7. Change Your Front Door

If your front door is looking rough and outdated, you should consider re-doing it for a fresh look.

By painting the door a new color, it can look like a new door. Some people recommend installing vinyl to the front windows to help prevent people from seeing in the house. Make sure that the front door is inviting for guests as they walk into your house. 

8. Get a New Mailbox

Over time your mailbox will wear down and might look rough if it isn’t maintained properly.

If your mailbox has seen better days, you should look into getting a replacement. There are many varieties to choose from when selecting a mailbox, so it is easy to find one that matches your style. 

Wooden and plastic mailboxes are often the most popular but you can also install a brick mailbox. If you live in an older home with a mailbox slot on the house, you can change the outside view after getting the correct measurements. 

9. Decorate

One of the best parts about improving curb appeal is that you get the chance to decorate the house!

Adding a wreath or swag to the front door can turn it into a focal point that draws people in. You can also decorate by putting up garden ornaments and flags. All of your decorations should be waterproof and able to handle being exposed to the weather.  

By choosing a theme, you can have a fun time creating an environment inside and outside of your home. Show your personality and let others know more about you with beautiful d├ęcor. 

Improve Curb Appeal Quickly

If you want to quickly improve your curb appeal, there are a variety of ideas that you can choose from. 

By utilizing this guide, people will be impressed with your style and tidiness. Your home will look welcoming and be prepared for viewings if you are planning to move. 

Don’t be afraid to show your personality in your yard while you maintain it.

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