Is High Touch Sanitizing Here to Stay? It Should Be and Here’s Why

Cleaning changed during the pandemic with a focus on high touch sanitizing. Is it here to stay? It should be, simply because it is the sanitary thing to do.

Most Americans (50%) aren’t aware that the leading sanitizers in the market only work for a maximum of 2 minutes. 71% of Americans are using hand sanitizers to get that peace of mind.

But they aren’t using hand sanitizers often enough for them to be useful. Or replenishing them enough either.

That’s why sanitizing high touch surfaces is so important. Without using disinfectants on frequently touched surfaces, Americans are more vulnerable to all the viruses and pandemics out there.

Read on to find out more about how you can protect yourself from bacteria and viruses through professional cleaning. 

People Touch Infected Surfaces and Then Their Faces Without Thinking

You might have noticed this in the pandemic. Despite numerous admonishments by the health authorities not to touch your face or hair, you couldn’t help yourself. 

Your hand probably drifted up to your face without a second thought.

But when you are roaming around on crowded subways or office building elevators where hundreds of people pass through, touching those infected surfaces is extremely dangerous. It makes you vulnerable to all the germs and viruses people might be carrying around with them.

How do you avoid this? You can’t walk around with latex gloves on for the rest of your life. Or wear personal protective equipment (PPE) whenever you go outside. 

That’s why sanitizing high-touch surfaces like the handrailings on a subway escalator or the buttons on an elevator pad is essential. It’s going to become as ubiquitous as cleaning the bathrooms and the floors. 

This doesn’t mean that you don’t use hand sanitizers to protect yourself. But using disinfectants on frequently touched surfaces will ensure that you have that second barrier against disease. 

Protect Your Loved Ones by Using Disinfectants at Home

Think about it – what was the first surface you touched when you got home. The doorknob both inside and outside and maybe the faucet in your bathroom to wash your hands. 

Either way, both these surfaces are high-touch points. People in your household probably touch them quite often throughout the day.

To protect your loved ones from all the germs and viruses they might be bringing in from the outside, disinfecting high touchpoints in your home is unavoidable. 

Scientists predict that pandemics due to evolving viruses are going to become more common as time goes on. Not less so. Using disinfectants on high-touch surfaces is a great way to protect yourself and your loved ones from the upcoming onslaught. 

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High Touch Surfaces Need Extra Disinfecting

Modern-day America is very different from back in the day when disinfecting one’s home wasn’t such a thing. By disinfecting your high touch surfaces, you can rest assured that any germs or viruses entering your home will be destroyed immediately. 

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