How to Win at Roulette Online


As more states legalized gambling, online and traditional in-person gaming at casinos started seeing an increase in revenue. Online casinos are leading with a $45 billion profit. This profit mainly comes from slot and table gaming.

Among the most played online games is online roulette. Since the boom of casinos, roulette has been one of the highest attractions in casinos. Even in the online world, visitors can’t resist playing roulette.

With the great pool of competitors in online roulette, how can you win against this enticing game? Keep reading to find out how to win at roulette online today!

Get to Know Your Roulette Variants

If you want to win roulette online, you need to do your homework and learn everything there’s to know about the game. Knowing the difference can help you understand your odds better and plan accordingly. Start with differentiating the two main roulette variants, thee American the European Roulette.

A European roulette wheel has 37 total numbers, 1 zero pocket, and 35 numbers. Meanwhile, the American roulette wheel has 38 numbers, 2 zero pockets, and 36 numbers in total.

European Roulette Make a Better Choice

Among the several roulette variants, European is the most popular, and for a good reason. Statistically, European roulette gives you the best house edge.

There’s a difference of one when it comes to the numbers between American and European roulette. Although one may seem like a minuscule difference, its effect on the house edge is significant.

The odds of winning in American Roulette is 1:38, giving it a house edge of 5.26%. European Roulette stands at 1:37 or 2.63% house edge. This means European Roulette gives you a 2.63% more winning chance.

The en prison rule is another reason to bet on a European Roulette. Your money staked on an even number is “in prison” when the ball lands on a zero pocket. As a result, the money you’ve bet will be automatically carried over to the next spin.

If you win, you’ll get the money back, and if you lose, the money goes to the casino. This rule allows you to recover your bet after the ball lands at zero.

Make Sure That You Understand Your Odds First

Understand the statistical grounds of the game if you want to know how to win at roulette online. In roulette, you can place your bet on one number with a winning odd of 1:38 or 1:37.

A lower chance of winning equates to a higher payout. Hence, most beginners opt for this decision which statistically is a wrong move.

In roulette, you’re allowed to split your bet into several numbers on the board. Your bet can either be on 1-18 or 19-46, red or black, odd or evens, or column bets. While the payout for this style is low, the odds of winning are quite high.

This statistical ground also explains why it’s recommended to place your bets on the outside. Small wins made through outside bets on an online roulette can amount to a big payout when aggregated.

Know About Betting Systems

Studying betting systems is part of mastering how to play roulette. Although there’s no foolproof betting system, it doesn’t hurt to have one. Just make sure not to rely on your betting system so much, especially after winning with it a couple of times.

For this roulette guide, we’ll be introducing three betting systems: Labouchere, Fibonacci, and Martingale systems.

In a Labouchere system, you decide on a practical amount that you want to win playing online roulette. Depending on whether you’re winning or losing, you adjust your bets.

This betting system helps eliminate big losses by allowing you to visualize how much more you need to win. With your visualization, you’ll be able to control the amount of money you’re letting out of your pocket.

As the name implies, the Fibonacci betting system follows the Fibonacci mathematical sequence. Here, you’ll place your bets following the sequence; thus, you go to the next number in the sequence if you win. However, if you lose, you take two steps back in the sequence.

Meanwhile, in martingale systems, you only place bets on even numbers. Moreover, every time you lose, you double your bet.

Leverage Free Play

Among the previously stated roulette tips, this is the most neglected one. Note that the best way to learn how to play and dominate online roulette is to get firsthand experience. What’s great about online casinos is that you get as many free plays as you want.

Leverage these free plays to get how online roulette works. Then, once you’re confident enough, start playing with real money.

Only Play at Trusted Online Roulette Casino

Online casino goes hand-in-hand with legitimacy issues. There’s also the malware and virus fiasco associated with it. Hence, before signing up for an online casino, do your research.

This is important, seeing as how personal data, especially finance-related ones, are often given to online casinos. This only strengthens the alarming threat of ransomware and identify theft present online.

Aside from certification and licenses, check out the reviews of the site. Use the first-hand experiences of current and previous users in evaluating the reputation of the site.

Be Careful with the “What’s Due” Feature

One thing is for sure for any online gambling games; there’s no sure guarantee as wins are dependent on luck. Hence, if the online casino you’re playing has a “What Due” feature, use it mildly.

The numbers presented here are mainly based on the number that has come up. However, note that your odds of winning will stay the same regardless of the previous numbers that have come up before. For example, getting 6,19,25,4 in the previous draw will not mean that the next number to appear will be one of these.

Discover Beyond These How to Win at Roulette Online Tips!

The most crucial rule to beating online roulette is to know when to stop. Set a loss limit before you begin playing to prevent going above what you can afford. The moment you reach your limit, take a step back and admit defeat.

Congratulations on discovering the secrets to the most sought-after question, “how to win at roulette online!” We’ve got plenty of teas to spill, so why stop here when you can discover more money-saving secrets like these? Visit our site today to check our latest post!

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