How to Properly Smoke a Cigar

Believe it or not, there is a right and a wrong way to smoke a cigar. Click here for a detailed guide on how to smoke a cigar properly.

Did you know that analysts expect the cigar industry to grow up to $17 billion by 2027? It seems the popularity of cigars is here to stay and the industry’s future looks bright.

Have you considered trying cigars but don’t know how to smoke correctly? Are you looking for a smoking technique to get the most out of your cigars?

The following guide will explain how to smoke tobacco cigars the right way. Read on for easy smoking tips to help enhance your cigar smoking experience.

Cutting a Cigar for Smoking

It’s possible to cut cigars with a sharp knife or even bite them with your teeth if you’re really desperate. However, investing in a cigar cutter is the best way to ensure an even cut. The cutters are very affordable and easy to find.

Place your cigar inside the cutter and quickly make the cut. Faster cuts produce a more even result. Dunk your cutter in hot water for about an hour to clean it.

Lighting Your Cigar

A butane lighter is a better option than conventional lighters or matchbooks. However, if you use matches make sure they are wooden to avoid chemicals. 

Hold your cigar slightly above the flame without it touching. This primes your cigar for before you actually light it. Next, rotate the cigar around slowly to evenly burn. Look for a uniform orange glow to know when it’s ready to smoke.

How to Smoke Your Cigar

First, make sure you always remember not to inhale your cigar. Inhaling cigars is hard on your lungs and might make you sick. Take puffs of your cigar and briefly hold the smoke in your mouth before you blow it out.

Your cigar should produce thick white smoke after 4 or 5 puffs. Take a puff every few minutes to keep your cigar going. You can relight your cigar if it goes out. Simply lay it on an ashtray and let it go out when you’re finished.

Burn time largely depends on the type of cigar you have. Robusto cigars like the fatty bottom betty cigar tend to burn the longest. Length, ring gauge, and packing affect how long a cigar burns.

Other Smoking Tricks

You don’t need to ash your cigar right away like you would with a cigarette. A large buildup of ash indicates a quality cigar. However, if the buildup gets any longer than an inch it might affect airflow so this is a good time to ash it.

Leaving the band on your cigar while smoking is usually a matter of preference. Just keep in mind that waiting a few minutes to remove the band is best. The heat loosens the adhesive and reduces the risk of damage.

Ready for a Cigar?

Now you know how to smoke a cigar the right way. It’s an easy and satisfying experience even at the novice level. Just remember to use a cutter, butane lighter, and don’t inhale the cigar smoke.

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