How To Give a Reference for an Employee


Do you have a friend or fellow employee who needs a great reference?

You can make all the difference to their career prospects by writing a great reference for them. But writing a fantastic reference takes the right approach and some guidance.

Do you want to know how to give a reference for an employee? Read on to learn more. 

How to Prepare to Give a Reference

When preparing to give a reference for an employee, be honest yet discreet. Share positive aspects of the employee’s character and work ethic. Remember that future employers will also be looking for objective information.

To prepare, take some time to collect your thoughts and review the employee’s file. This will help you be specific when speaking about the employee’s qualifications.

When giving a reference, always maintain a professional attitude and be respectful of the employee’s privacy. This can be very important for employees applying for equity compensation plans.

What to Include When Giving a Reference

When giving a reference for an employee, you must include certain pieces of info. First, you should confirm that the person requesting the reference may do so.

Then, you should provide the employee’s full name, job title, and dates of employment. If you are able, you should also speak to the employee’s strengths, such as their work ethic or skillset.

Finally, you should leave your contact information in case the reference needs a follow-up. By providing this information, you can help the employee secure a new position. In doing so, you can also provide valuable context for their future employer.

How to Word a Reference to Ensure Success

When wording a reference, be specific when describing the individual’s qualifications. It is also important to use positive language. This will make the candidate appear more favorable to potential employers.

Also, try to highlight any unique skills or experiences the individual has. Finally, it is important to be sincere in the reference to give the candidate the best chance of success.

Alternatives to Traditional References

There are a few alternatives to giving a traditional reference for an employee. One is to give a character reference, which is a letter attesting to the employee’s good character.

Another is to give a professional reference. This is a letter attesting to the employee’s professional skills and abilities.

Finally, you could also give a personal reference. This reference is a letter attesting to the employee’s personal qualities.

How to Follow Up After Giving a Reference

Following up after you’ve given a reference is a way of showing that you’re still confident in what you said about the person. This also shows that you’re interested in their success.

To follow up, you can send a quick email or give a quick call to the person you spoke to. Thank them for their time, and ask them if they have any questions or need clarification on anything. This follow-up will help solidify your recommendation and leave a lasting positive impression.

Know How To Give a Reference for an Employee

If you are asked to provide a reference for an employee, you should always take the request seriously. Consider whether you are the best person to provide a reference.

If you think you are, be sure to know how to give a reference for an employee the right way. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll do great. 

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