Here’s What You Need to Know Before Becoming a Landlord


Renters from landlords make up about 36 percent of America’s households, which means ample opportunity exists to invest in properties. Becoming a landlord, renting a home, and property management create passive income, making them long-term investments. 

Learning how to become a landlord can be done in several easy steps, including financing, attending to tasks, and planning. Once you understand what landlords need to know, you are well on your way to managing properties.

Here’s what you need to know about how to become a landlord.


One of the first steps in becoming a landlord is learning about financing. Coming up with a down payment and knowing about loans are two factors to consider.

Securing a down payment for a second property is key to purchasing. Many lenders require at least 15 percent down, which is less than when you bought your first home. Investment property owners must also have enough money for closing costs, home inspections, and any necessary repairs.

Second mortgages are a popular pathway to becoming a landlord. Consider the terms, including higher rates. Consequently, several steps to securing a mortgage loan include a good credit score and your debt-to-income ratio.


Many landlords and property managers struggle with renting out a home because it means attending to tasks. Collecting rent, fixing problems, and dealing with tenants are all issues landlords and property managers face.

Set up an excellent rental collection system. Make it easy through automatic deductions or an app, and reward people for paying rent on time.

You’ll have to fix problems as they arise and prepare a list of trusted repair personnel ready to attend to issues. Tackling repairs instantly will go a long way with your tenants.

Deal with problem tenants quickly, especially those who refuse to pay rent or damage your property. Enforce your lease agreement. 

Be sure to meet your tenants. Good communication between a tenant and landlord can ward off any future problems. 

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Planning for the future is essential for any landlord, especially if you’re planning to grow a real estate portfolio.

As property values increase, prepare to leverage those increases to buy new properties. Investment property owners may also choose to sell at some point should there be an economic downturn. 

Nevertheless, plan for making upgrades to bathrooms, kitchens, and flooring. Commanding top dollar for a rental property means ensuring it’s in good shape.

Becoming a Landlord in a Few Easy Steps

You can accomplish becoming a landlord in a few easy steps. Understanding financing, completing tasks, and future planning can make you a successful landlord.

You can learn more about becoming a landlord by reading through our website! We offer tips and advice to make you a better property owner. Using this guidance can help you grow your portfolio and lead to a rewarding and financially successful career. 

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