Gutter Installation Companies: How to Find the Best One for You

Are you planning to hire one of the many available gutter installation companies? Read on to learn everything that you need to know on the subject.

Gutters, as you know them today, have been used since at least the eighteenth century. An integral part of any home system, gutters protect both roofs and building foundations. While not all American homes have gutters (particularly when the building has a sloped roof), most buildings could benefit from gutter installation.

However, not all gutter installation companies are created equally. So how can you find the best one in your local area? Continue reading to find out.

Ask About Guarantees and Warranties

Most gutter manufacturers offer warranties on their materials. So, if a piece of gutter ends up being weak or flawed somehow, they’ll replace it. But this only covers the materials and not the installation.

Find a gutter installation company that takes pride in its work and proves it by offering a guarantee. These promises to fix any errors in their work range from a few days to a few months after installation. Be sure to ask what local companies in your area offer.

Verify Their Licensing and Insurance

Every gutter installation company is required to have some amount of licensing. However, this licensing varies drastically from one state to another. When getting gutters for your home, look up the requirements in your state and ask for verification from any potential contractors that they meet this minimum requirement.

Also, ask for verification that the company you hope to work with has insurance. At a minimum, you’ll want them to carry liability and workman’s comp. Liability covers your property should it be accidentally damaged, while workman’s comp covers the contractors working on your home.

Although not mandatory, finding a company that is bonded is a big plus. Being “bonded” means the company has set aside a certain amount of money for insurance payouts. This protects you (and the company) if anything needs to be paid for.

Assess Their Reputation

All companies have earned their reputations, whether good or bad. Search online for reviews of the gutter installation company you hope to work with. The experiences of previous customers can be an excellent indicator of the experience you should expect.

Be sure to check at least two different review websites. Avoid companies with less than three stars (out of five), and be sure to scan the written reviews, too.

Ask About Their Experience

Gutters are an essential part of your home. Therefore, you want someone with enough experience and on-the-job knowledge working on them. Look for companies with a minimum of three years’ experience, but more is always better.

More Questions About Finding Gutter Installation Companies?

Gutters are essential for most homes, but not all installation companies are created equally. You can use the information above to help you find the best gutter installation service in your area.

Do you have more questions about finding the best gutter installation companies?

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