Budgeting Tips During a Pandemic: How to Get Through Tough Times


Are you having trouble getting back on your feet since the pandemic? Do you wish you knew how to navigate these challenging times and get back on track?

The average person in the US has more than 90 thousand dollars in debt. That’s ok if you have a steady job, but it can be a problem when you aren’t working.

The pandemic placed an extra burden on everyone’s financial situation, and things are still uncertain. Here are some budgeting tips to help you get through.

Make a Plan

When you’re stressing about money, you might not want to do any budgeting during a pandemic. It’s the most important step you can take. 

Begin by listing how much money you bring home with every pay. Then make a detailed list of what you spend your money on.

Go through your bank transactions and add up the small purchases. Group them into categories. You may be surprised to see how much that daily coffee costs you over time.

Reduce Your Spending

If you’re spending more than you bring in, a simple budgeting idea is to decide where to cut. Examine all of your subscriptions and memberships. Look at which ones you use regularly and which ones you signed up for on a whim. 

Cancel most of these regular automatic payments to help you get back on track. Allow yourself to keep one streaming service if you can afford it and unsubscribe from the rest. 

Cancel any memberships you haven’t used regularly in the last few months. Stop paying for social media accounts and online news subscriptions. 

Use the Tools Available

Consider signing up for a digital wallet as a way to track all of your expenditures in one place. If you’re having trouble making it from one paycheck to another, there may be a way around that.

New services are available that allow you to access your pay before payday. That makes it easier to make payments on time and plan for larger expenses such as rent or mortgages. Discover more about how to access your wages as you earn them.

Manage Your Food Costs

One great piece of budgeting advice is to cook your meals. Find recipe ideas online and learn how to make soup. 

Cut out the daily coffee drive-through. Bring your coffee from home or wait until you get to work. When you do buy a coffee, it will be a special treat.

Do a bit of brown bagging. Make your lunches and eat them at your desk. Or go for a walk and make a picnic in the park. You’ll enjoy your meal and get a bit of time in nature.

Try These Budgeting Tips Today

When you discover a few new budgeting tips, it makes it easier to figure out your finances. When you track what you spend, you’re more aware, and that can help you track your money.

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