8 Ways Homeowners can Save Money Around the House

Money-saving tips for homeowners

Investing in real estate is a wise investment; however, a house comes with many costs. These costs range from budgeted repairs and renovations to unexpected expenses when things break down. It is normal for you to look for ways to save money around your house. Thankfully, some hacks can help you do so. From giving your air conditioner space to breathe to closing the gaps under your doors, here are some tips to help you save money in your home. 

Save Money by letting your air conditioner breathe 

Not taking care of your air conditioner will cost you more money in the long run. You may end up having to fix your air conditioner multiple times in a year. Allow your AC unit some fresh air by cleaning it. Check your AC’s outdoor unit and ensure that it is clear of all shrubbery. Trim all plants touching it. Clean all dirt and debris on and around it. If there is accumulated dirt on it, take it to a repair person for servicing. Doing this at least once every two weeks will save you money that will otherwise be spent on repairing it. 

Save money as a homeowner by using fans

Installing ceiling fans in your home might be one of the best decisions you make. Give your air conditioner time to breathe and save up on light by using fans instead. Fans can make your living spaces feel cooler by up to 7 degrees. So, you do not have to worry about heat. You also get to save money spent on electricity bills when your air conditioner is off. You can save up to $53 a year by using fans. 

Save money by hanging out your laundry

This might seem too old-fashioned, but it will save you money. After washing your clothes with your washing machine, skip the drying part and take your laundry outside. Get drying racks or hangers and use them to dry your laundry outside. This can save you between $50 to $250 depending on the size of your household. Getting hangers or drying racks might cost you $30. However, that is way less than the money you will spend on energy bills when you use the dryer. Besides, sunlight is great for clothes. It gives a fresh and clean smell and feel to clothes. Now, that is a win-win situation for you. 

Switch out your lights 

Incandescent bulbs may look great, however, they are costing you money. For a start they use up more electricity, running up the light bill. Also, only about 15% of that electricity goes into producing light. The rest goes to heat. This heat puts an extra burden on your air conditioner. Switch out your incandescent bulbs for LED lighting. You do not have to do this for all the lights in your house. Just pick the ones you use often. 

Watch your showers

Wondering why your air conditioner seems to be working overtime as using up more electricity? It just might be your showers. If you are in the habit of taking long hot showers, you are most likely overworking your air conditioner. Take faster showers instead. Use warm water instead of extremely hot water. This can save you about $50 a year. 

Check your air filters

When last did you change your HVAC filters? If it has been more than a year, then you need to have it changed. Your HVAC filters need to be clean for the system to continue to work optimally. A dirty filter can make your system burn out. Thus, costing you more money to replace. When changing your HVAC filters ensure that you are using the right size of filters to avoid damaging the system. 

Fix leaking windows in your house

Leaking windows are windows that let in and let out the air. Leaking windows affect your heating and cooling system. On hot days, they let in hot air into the house, causing the air conditioner to work overtime to cool your house. On cold days, they let in chill air into the house causing your heating system to expend more energy to warm up your house. Fixing leaking windows will help you save more on energy. 

Close under-door gaps.

After a while, rubber padding at the bottom of doors wears out. They need changing and the under-door gaps caused by them need to be closed. This will stop drafts from getting into your house and putting more work on your heating and cooling system.

Saving money around your house is important. It contributes to your financial freedom.

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