5 Top Tips For Buying Ammo

Purchasing the correct ammunition for your firearm is key for its functioning. Make sure you know these 5 top tips for buying ammo.

With the most recent victory for second amendment rights in California, there is the potential for increased demand for all things assault rifles. Buying ammo now is a wise decision if you want to ensure your load-out for the future.

Purchasing ammo isn’t rocket science, but it does require you to have a bit of foresight. Like all goods, the price of ammo goes up and down in correlation with current events and economic circumstances.

Use the following 5 tips for buying ammo to ensure that you know when, where and how, to buy ammo.

1. Know What Kind of Ammo You Need

This may sound self-explanatory but you should always know the exact kind of ammunition you need before purchasing ammo. There are all sorts of different types of rounds with various legalities in each state.

Do some research as you don’t want to get caught purchasing something such as hollow-point ammunition in a place where it is illegal such as New Jersey.

You also need to know what type and caliber ammunition your firearms take before purchasing it. From the humble .22 to high caliber weaponry, every firearm needs its specific type of ammunition.

2. Know the Legal Limits When Buying Ammo

You need to be at least 18 years of age when purchasing ammo. If you order it through the mail certain criteria need to be met as well.

Usually, this falls under the category of an ORM-D sticker requiring an adult signature from the recipient. Only buy ammo if you are of age and permitted to own a firearm.

Each state has its limits on the amount of ammo you can buy. Even though there is no federal limit to how much you can buy, if you start ordering thousands of rounds at once you will arouse suspicion with authorities.

Only buy what you need and avoid hoarding so that you don’t cause shortages in the overall ammo marketplace.

3. Buy Low Sell High

Like all goods, the price of ammo can rise and fall. You can make a significant profit buying and selling ammo, providing you buy it low and sell it high. This also assumes you are in a position to sell ammo legally.

This is one of the best tips for purchasing ammo as you can always reinvest in your armament later at a lower price.

Many online gun providers offer user-oriented marketplaces. Here you can sell ammo and other accessories such as used rifle optics. Find a reputable one and try your hand at earning a profit.

4. Only Buy From Legal Distributors

Blackmarket ammo is widely available but it is also highly illegal. Always buy your ammo from trusted legal distributors. This will help you avoid any legal consequences.

5. Know the Shelf Life of Your Ammo

While there is no specific technical standard as to when your ammunition will “go bad”, a good rule of thumb is to not store it for longer than 10 years. After 10 years ammunition can become unpredictable in the field.

If you have some old ammo, it might be best to take a trip to the range and use it up before buying some more.

Stay Safe and Free

In these turbulent times having an adequate supply of ammunition is every American’s right and also a wise idea. Buying ammo doesn’t have to be complicated if you do it the right way.

Put these tips to the test today when buying your ammo. If you enjoyed this article check back with our site for other informative content.

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