5 Surprising Effects of Stress on the Body

You already know that stress is bad, but did you know that stress can have some strange effects on the body? Here are five to watch out for.

Stress in America and worldwide is on the rise. People are under more pressure than ever all while dealing with global trauma.

The stress response affects every system in the body. When you encounter an emergency, this is helpful for coping and survival. Yet, day after day of constant stress is damaging and takes a major toll.

Anytime spent exercising will help reduce stress and be good for your body mentally and physically. Here are five effects of stress on the body and how to manage each symptom.

1. Stress Changes Your Appearance

There are positive correlations between stress and many factors that affect appearance. For instance, breakouts of rashes and acne are common, as well as weight gain. Stress that leads to sleeplessness also affects how you look.

Taking care of your body is the most important thing you can do when you are under stress, especially when you cannot easily change your environment. To maintain your appearance, following a healthy diet is crucial for your skin and waistline.

2. Stress Hurts

Studies show that those under stress are more likely to be in chronic physical pain. People also feel regular aches and pains more acutely when dealing with the effects of prolonged stress.

When your body is in pain, the best thing to do is treat it gently. A massage or warm bath will be great for stress and pain. Light exercise is also a solution for both problems.

3. Stress Decreases Your Sex Drive

One of the most concerning effects of stress on the body for some people is changes in libido and sexual performance. This is caused by an increase in cortisol and a decrease in other hormones like estrogen and testosterone. 

You can take supplements to increase your hormones, or take natural paths to improve your libido like getting more sleep or exercising. Look here for more tips on dealing with these side effects of stress.

4. Effects of Stress on Health

Your immune system also suffers as one of the physical effects of stress. A stressed person is weaker against viruses like the cold and flu, and they may find themselves feeling sick more often.

You can boost your immune system by practicing healthy habits. Eating a balanced diet and filling your body with the vitamins you need will make you feel better.

5. Effects of Stress on Mental Health

Stress drains you of your enthusiasm and vigor. It can also lead to symptoms of depression like exhaustion and hopelessness.

Try adding a relaxing hobby or quiet meditation time to your schedule to reduce stress. If your depression and disinterest are too difficult to manage alone, reach out to a mental health professional for more help.  

Take Care of Yourself

Stress is not just something everyone has to deal with. It’s a serious issue, and the effects of stress can be severe as well. Seek out ways to reduce your stress daily and start enjoying life again.

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