5 Major Signs of an Ant Infestation

It is important to recognize an ant infestation as soon as it starts. Look out for these 5 major signs that you may have an ant problem in your home or yard.

Did you know some ants can cause serious breathing problems and allergic reactions? Ants leave behind chemicals and dirt wherever they go. This is why you shouldn’t waste time dealing with an ant infestation.

Of course, you need to first verify that you have a growing pest problem. Calling exterminators for the wrong kind of pests could prove unfruitful and expensive.

Not sure how to tell if you have an ant problem? Discover the answers you need and solutions to get rid of ants with our list below:

1. Visible Trails

One of the most obvious signs of an ant infestation is a long line of ants. These insects leave pheromone trails. This helps other ants find and follow the routes set by the others.

Trails often lead to one of two possible destinations. They’ll either take the ants back to the hive or to a source of food. The more trails you spot, the higher the chances are you need professional ant control services.

2. Ant Nests

Take a look around the corners of your rooms. Check behind the doors or around the feet of your furniture. If you spot small mounds of dirt, you likely have ants nesting in your house.

Nests are a serious concern, because they signify you have thousands of ants already inside your home. 

Simple DIY solutions won’t help. You’ll need expert ant infestation services, such as the work offered by the folks at Holmes Lawn & Pest.

3. Wood Shavings

Wood shavings are clear signs ants damaged your furniture. They need to gnaw through sometimes to keep moving forward. Ants can even create holes to get where they need to go.

However, wood shavings can also indicate other kinds of infestations. It’s always better to look for the other signs featured on this list before you call an ant infestation company.

4. Piles of Dead Ants

Ever walked into a balcony or garage, only to find a bunch of dead ants all over the place?

This happens when rain floods into an ant nest. The ants flee, but you’ll still find toms of them dead and clustered. The closer the piles of dead ants are, the likelier it is that the nest is inside your house.

5. Constant Food Attacks

A house free of ants won’t suffer from constant ant attacks, even if you leave food out in the open. To verify you have an infestation, purposely leave food in different rooms. You know it’s time to call professional exterminators if every room has the same results.

Deal With an Ant Infestation Now

Now you know how to tell if you have an ant infestation or not. Look for wood shavings, clusters of dead ants, pheromone trails, nests, and food attacked by ants. Once you know for sure you suffer from an infestation, call an ant infestation company immediately.

Of course, taking care of your home and family doesn’t end with these tips. For more guides like this, don’t hesitate to read through our library of articles. We offer guides for gun care, business, technology, and more!

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