4 Repairs You Need To Do Before Selling Your Home

Repairing your house before selling it

Many homeowners who are planning to sell their houses, always have to answer one important question: should I sell the house as is or repair it first?

To make it easier for you to answer that, just know that most home buyers are looking for a ready-to-move-in home. On the other hand, some people are indeed looking to buy fixer-uppers, in the hope to get a discount. Therefore, by not repairing your home, you’re limiting the number of potential buyers, and you might have to wait for a long time to sell it, and you’ll get less money too.

The next question is, which part of your house should you repair? Follow these tips to find out all the repairs that you need to do before selling your home.

1. Kitchen and bathrooms

These two rooms are two of the most popular rooms to be repaired first. One of the reasons is because the kitchen and bathrooms have more mechanical systems compared to other rooms. From plumbing, electrical, and other stuff require a lot of maintenance due to being prone to damages.

For the kitchen, make sure the appliances are working properly. Check the refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, microwave, etc. are in working order. Also check out for any leaks, mold, and any unpleasant smells or filth.

The cabinets in both kitchen and bathrooms need to be checked as well. Make sure everything is clean and free from damages or rot. Sometimes the cabinet doors and drawers can’t be opened without making noise and getting stuck, you should fix these too.

Sinks and faucets are the main problems most of the time. Everything should be leak-free, and all drains should operate without any problems. If hot and cold options are available, make sure the feature works flawlessly too.

Bathtubs and shower fixtures should be working properly. Check the drains and see if you can unclog them. Sometimes problems are lurking down there, so you should take care of it as soon as possible. Well, that should cover everything you need. Remember that most home buyers are picky when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms. They want everything to work perfectly because they certainly don’t want any problems in these areas.

2. Repair damaged flooring

No home buyers want to deal with replacing the carpet. A dirty carpet will make the entire house looks and feels dirty and will definitely bring the house’s value down. Replace every ratty and outdated carpeting and dull linoleum too.

If your home has hardwood floors, a simple refinishing should do the job. Though, the price of fixing the floor could be more expensive than you would’ve expected.

3. Exterior

The exterior is the face of your house and will be the first thing that buyers are going to see. Most people would judge the entire house based on the exterior alone. Fixing the exterior is especially important for houses located in the middle of a big city. You should keep everything clean and in proper order, but the good news is fixing the exterior is generally cheaper than fixing the interior.

Repairs that you can do here are including but not limited to replacing missing fence boards, mowing the grass, root out the weeds, and throw away any garbage that has accumulated outside. Also, make sure that your door and windows look clean and repair broken window frames or replace missing shingles. Every little thing counts here, never ever think that buyers don’t notice these small things.

4. Lighting

Proper lighting can make your home looks more inviting and spacious. You want to make people feel welcomed. The cost of replacing the lighting should be very cheap, and you can see all the available options online, complete with the demonstration, so you won’t make the mistake of buying the wrong lighting.

If you can open the windows to let natural lighting in, please do that. Natural lighting makes the entire home look homier and inviting. Homebuyers love being able to relax while inspecting the house.

After you’ve done everything, don’t forget to declutter the house

While it isn’t technically a repair, cleaning and decluttering your house could increase the chance of selling your home by a lot. When homebuyers come inside the house, they will picture themselves being in there as the homeowner. And believe me, no one wants to live in a messy and cramped house.

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