Income and Employment Verification Documents That Help Secure a Loan


When you’re in the market for a loan, the lender will likely require proof of your income and employment. This can come in many forms. But what if you’re self-employed or your income varies from month to month?

In these cases, you’ll need to provide other employment verification documents. Below are the various types of documents that can help secure a loan.

What are Employment Verification Documents?

When you are in the market for a loan, the lender will likely require verification of your income and employment. This helps to ensure that you can afford to repay the loan. There are several documents that you can provide to verify your income and employment. The most common are as follows:

W-2 Forms

Your W-2 form is one of the most common documents used to verify your income. It shows how much money you earned in the past year and is issued by your employer. Essentially, W-2s operate as income verification and employment verification.

Pay Stub Documents

Your pay stubs can also be used as income verification. They show how much you have earned in the past month and are issued by your employer. Pay stub documents are relatively easy to get since most companies issue them on payday along with the employee’s earnings. 

Bank Statements

Your bank statements can also act as verification of your income. They show how much money is in your account and are helpful in determining your monthly income.  This can double as one of your employment verification documents, since your income shows on the statement.

Tax Returns

Your tax return is another document that’s helpful for verifying your income. It shows your total income for the year, as well as any deductions or credits that you may have. If the lender requires asset verification, your tax return can assist with that.

Employment Contracts

An employment contract is a document that outlines the terms of your employment. It can verify your income, as well as your employment. Mortgage lenders verify employment for every loan, so you’ll need to show something.

Everyone doesn’t get paid in the same manner, but as long as you can show proof of income, employment contracts shouldn’t pose a problem.

Offer Letters

An offer letter is a document that’s typically issued when you’re first hired by a company. It outlines the terms of your employment, including your salary. An offer letter can act as verification of your income and employment.

A loan lender will likely want to see at least one of these documents as verification of your income and employment. However, having a variety of loan application documents available can help ensure that you’re approved for the loan you need.

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Proof Needed: Income and Employment Verification

If you can provide the documents that we listed and meet our other requirements, you should get approved for a loan. Of course, this is just a general overview of the employment verification documents that lenders are looking for.

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