Debunking the Most Common Online Gambling Myths That Exist Today

There's been a lot of gossip and hearsay in the gambling industry lately. Let's debunk the most common online gambling myths that exist today.

Although gambling has existed for centuries, it’s still quite popular. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions and myths about betting. Whether you prefer traditional or online gambling, you might be surprised to know the numerous myths people have come up with.

Maybe you have heard about these false notions, and you believe them. The good news is that we are here to debunk these myths and set the record straight. It doesn’t make any difference whether this is your first trial at online gambling or you’ve been betting for years; it’s never too late to know the truth.

Below are common online gambling myths you should beware of.

Most Online Casino Games Are Rigged

Most people often cry foul when they lose casino games. However, this doesn’t mean the game is rigged. These games are often quite fair if you play at a licensed establishment or website. 

Check whether your preferred gambling establishment is licensed. If not, you should look for another establishment. For consumer protection, most gambling establishments and online sites across the country are regulated and require a license to operate. 

When playing online casino games, keep in mind that most of these games use RNGs or Random Number Generators to make sure that whatever is happening on your screen is a statistical mirror of what would happen in real life. The computer algorithms used ensure that each number drawn, spin played, rolled dice, and cards dealt is random and fair.

Winning a Bet Is All About Luck

It’s a lot of fun to believe in good fortune, lady luck, and even fate. Some people even believe that their destinies are written in the stars. These are all great ways to entertain yourself and keep the game interesting.

Losing or winning a gambling game is all about mathematics. However, you should know that each casino game gives the house a very small statistical advantage. This advantage ensures that the casino house takes in more money than they pay out to players. 

This is how casinos make money and remain functional. However, there are numerous variables when playing a short-term game. This means that you can easily win by defying the odds. As a player, you can always put yourself at an advantage by playing games with lower house edges or those requiring poker skills.

Casinos and Betting Establishments Let You Win Sporadically to Keep You From Walking Away

This is a very funny conspiracy theory. The conspiracy theorists will have people believing that casinos have employed staff to keep an eye on players and monitor their games. Then the staff members will constantly throw you a bone, especially when they realize you are losing hope and interest in the game.

But, the truth is that every casino game outcome is just a matter of mathematics and chance. Whether you depend on the mechanics of the roulette machine or the random number generator, whatever result you get will be purely out of chance.

Casinos regularly monitor and inspect their physical equipment and the random number generators to ensure that everything is functioning as it should. Fortunately for players, it’s illegal for casino staff members to interfere with any gaming equipment.

It’s Illegal to Count Cards

When considering playing casino games and gambling, you have probably heard from numerous people that card counting is illegal. Contrary to what most people believe, there is no local, state, or federal law in the gambling industry that state card counting is illegal.

However, most casinos don’t like this mathematical strategy that players use to win. That’s because players use this method to gain an advantage over the house and other players by tracking and paying attention to the cards remaining in the deck. In fact, it’s legal for players to use any method to gain an advantage as long as they don’t interfere with the gameplay or sabotage other players.

For instance, it’s considered illegal to physically mark cards when playing a physical game. And most casinos try their best to discourage people from counting cards. Additionally, it’s impossible to count cards when playing an online game.

Online Gambling Is Illegal and Prohibited

While there are numerous countries in the world where gambling is illegal, the U.S. isn’t one such place. Not only is online gambling legal in the U.S. the government also regulates the gambling industry to make sure that shady websites don’t dupe players.

 However, keep in mind that online gambling is 100% banned in Hawaii and Utah, but social poker games in a private setting are legal in Hawaii. If you want to play your games in peace, make sure you choose reputable sites. This is the only way to ensure that you’re playing fair games and that you will be paid immediately if you win.

Most Winners Aren’t Given Their Money

Another major myth about online gambling is that players in online casinos aren’t given their money when they win. People who don’t know much about gambling and playing casino games online create these statements and wrongful assumptions.

The happier the player, the better for the casino. This means casinos benefit from happy players because they will return to gamble again. And the only way to retain their players is to give them their dues whenever they win.

But this isn’t the only reason the online casino will give you your money. All online casino operators often earn a lot of money through the house edge they place in the games. Hence, it’s pointless to steal from players. Check out this site for the Best Online Casino Real Money.

Are You Ready to Debunk the Above Myths About Online Gambling?

It’s not surprising that many myths are surrounding the online gambling industry. However, knowing the truth about online gambling will give you the peace of mind that you are playing a fair game. Check out the above list of myths to help you better understand the gambling industry.

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