CBD Pure Oil Drops: How They Work

CPD pure oil drops can be used in a variety of ways. Learn about tincture uses and how CBD oil can help to boost health.

Did you know that the U.S. CBD sales market is expected to reach $20 billion by 2024?

Needless to say, the CBD market, which is already ginormous, is expected to keep on growing exponentially. So, we’ll be seeing even newer products hitting the market daily. Now is the time to have a thorough understanding of the difference between the main CBD products like CBD pure oil drops, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum. 

Yet, if you don’t know the difference between your CBD and THC, no worries. You’ve come to the right place. Keep on reading for our full breakdown of all things CBD oil, its purest form, and its benefits. 

What Is CBD?

Before we start our deep dive into the intricacies of the different CBD forms, let’s make sure we have a solid understanding of the chemical itself.

In short, CBD stands for cannabidiol. It’s one of the two main chemicals that could be found in the cannabis plant, along with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

CBD has been ubiquitous in its use for a variety of health benefits. As for THC, this is the chemical that’s responsible for producing the psychoactive effects, otherwise known as “getting high.”

Generally speaking, CBD oil is mentioned, it refers to oil extract that doesn’t contain THC, or it might contain some trace amounts that won’t have any psychoactive effects on your body. 

CBD Pure Oil Drops: The Purest Form of CBD?

Now that we’ve got the foundation set, it’s time to explore the different types of CBD oil you can find. 

When it comes to the purity of CBD, CBD isolate wins first place. Basically, you’ll be getting a CBD oil that’s been extracted from hemp and refined to only contain only CBD, and nothing else. 

However, you’ll find that other types of CBD oils are actually more popular than pure CBD oil, and those are broad-spectrum CBD products, as well as full-spectrum ones. 

A broad-spectrum CBD oil will have every compound that naturally exists in the cannabis plant, except for THC. The THC will be removed by the manufacturer. 

As for the full-spectrum CBD products, you’ll be getting a product that has a mixture of different cannabinoids, not just CBD. It will have some THC, terpenes, and even flavonoids. You should try using CBD oil, specifically a full-spectrum, especially if you’re not bothered by small amounts of THC. 

The Benefits of Using CBD Oil Drops

In comparison to THC’s ability to bind itself to our cannabinoid receptors, specifically the ones in our brain, CBD will influence different kinds of receptors. 

For instance, you’ll find that CBD will bind with opioid receptors responsible for regulating pain. In addition, they can also interact with glycine receptors, which are heavily involved in the regulation process of serotonin, otherwise known as the “feel-good” hormone. 

Let’s see the different benefits that CBD oil can add to your daily life.

Reduces Anxiety

CBD has shown a lot of promise when it comes to treating different anxiety disorders. Some studies have proven that CBD can have strong anxiolytic (anxiety-relieving) effects. 

However, you’ll want to keep in mind that the majority of those studies have shed some light on how the CBD dose can change its effects. In the studies that have used lower doses of CBD, think around 10 milligrams per kilogram or less, it has improved the symptoms of anxiety. 

But, when they increased the dose up to 100 mg/kg or higher, there has been no effect on the anxiety symptoms. 

In short, when it comes to managing anxiety with CBD products, less is more.

Easing Nerve Pain

You might already be aware that medical marijuana has been commonly prescribed to folks with chronic illnesses that come attached with intractable pain, like terminal cancer patients. 

It’s not only the THC that works on numbing the pain, but also the CBD available in the products. A couple of studies have witnessed the CBD binding to the glycine receptors in the brain. This is an essential part of the nerve speed regulation process. 

Yet, it’s important to keep in mind that human studies that evaluate the use of pure CBD in treating chronic pain are still in their earliest phases. It’s rather difficult to isolate the CBD’s specific effects from the effects of THC. 

Betterment of Heart Health

There’s a 2017 study has shows rather promising effects of CBD oil on alleviating hypertension in some people, which decreases their risk of heart disease. 

Moreover, these findings suggest taking CBD oil as a complementary step for people whose hypertension is mainly triggered by anxiety and stress. But, it can’t work as a stand-alone therapy, it’s an auxiliary therapy to your primary hypertension medical treatment plan.

Treating Rare Forms of Epilepsy

Epidiolex is the first CBD oral solution that’s been approved by the FDA for treating specific types of epilepsy in small children. Those are the Dravet syndrome and the Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. 

Both syndromes are known for causing rather severe lifelong seizures that can start during the patients’ first year of life. 

Dosage: How Many Drops of CBD Oil Should I Take?

The short (but truthful) answer would be: it depends. 

There are no specific guidelines when it comes to the right dosage of CBD oil. You’ll want to double-check the label and instructions that come attached to the CBD oil that you’ve chosen to ingest. 

Most CBD oil products come in 30-mL bottles and a graded dropper cap. You’ll want to start with the smallest dose, around 5 mg, and see how it affects your body. 

You can always slowly increase your dosage to your liking. But, make sure that you have a small baseline as your starting point. 

Ready to Get Some CBD Oil Drops?

We know how overwhelming the search for the perfect CBD pure oil drops can be, especially if you’re a beginner in the market. 

Hopefully, our guide has shed some light on what the purest form of CBD oil entails and its numerous benefits. Just remember to always follow the instructions that come attached to your product. After all, there’s no unified size or dose standards, so every product might vary in its intensity. 

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