CBD for Arthritis: Does It Work?

Can't get find a good cure for your arthritis? Read on to learn more about CBD for arthritis and whether it actually reduces pain.

If there’s one product that has sky-rocketed in popularity in recent years it has to be cannabidiol — more casually known as CBD to you and me.

Heck, you may already use CBD oil yourself, or know of someone who does. According to statistics, more than 14 percent of Americans use CBD oil for some kind of ailment. There’s no disputing its popularity — but does it actually work? 

Learn more about CBD for arthritis in this blog and find out more. 

What Is Arthritis?

Arthritis is, unfortunately, a very common ailment that impacts up to 23 percent of the U.S. population. That’s over 54 million people, according to the CDC. But what exactly causes this condition? 

Arthritis is an inflammatory disease. It attacks and takes hold of the healthy cells in the immune system, which results in large amounts of inflammation throughout the body. Arthritis affects areas of the body connected by joint linings, i.e. the hands, wrists, knees, and hips. 

Basically, the joint lining becomes inflamed, which results in chronic amounts of pain and immobility in these areas.  

CBD for Arthritis: Is it Beneficial? 

CBD is one of hundreds of compounds found in the cannabis plant. It’s also one of the non-psychoactive compounds of the plant, meaning that it won’t make you feel high when consumed.

Most CBD products today are hemp-derived, which contains the best concentration of CBD and other beneficial compounds. Check out Liweli CBD for these types of top-quality products. 

But does hemp-derived CBD actually offer any notable benefits for those with arthritis?  

Today, there is some evidence to suggest that it does, but more is needed. Some of this research is also not validated with quality human studies. While some results are also largely anecdotal but suggest that CBD is beneficial in terms of pain relief. 

One of the main reasons why scientists believe that CBD for arthritis can be beneficial is because of its anti-inflammatory properties. As mentioned earlier, arthritis is largely an inflammatory disease. 

When you ingest CBD, it reacts with the body’s own endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system comprises millions of receptors that react to CBD compounds in many different ways.

One of the key benefits of CBD is that it reduces inflammation, which in itself, can help to counteract the inflammation associated with arthritis. This, in turn, helps to reduce pain and anxiety associated with this debilitating condition.

To add to this, there is research that shows that CBD compounds can help to relieve pain and inflammation by inhibiting immune cells that attack the body in those with arthritis. 

The Best CBD Products for Arthritis 

If you’re considering trying CBD for arthritic pain and inflammation, you want to make sure you’re using the right products. While there are a number of ways to ingest CBD nowadays, arthritic relief requires specific application(s). 

CBD by Mouth 

If you choose to take your CBD oil by mouth, there are two ways you should do so: with CBD capsules or with CBD tincture/spray. CBD capsules may take longer to deliver their effects as they take longer to break down through the digestive tract. 

However, this is a safe and effective way to take CBD for arthritis for lasting results throughout the day. You want to avoid CBD edibles such as gummies and cookies which can be unreliable when it comes to dosing. 

If you’re looking for quicker results, then CBD tincture or spray is your best choice as it’s quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. 

Topical CBD 

This is a great way to spot-treat arthritic pain. You can apply CBD-infused oils and balms to your pain points for targeted relief. You want to look for products that also include menthol, camphor, or capsaicin. 

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While there are mixed reviews on the success of CBD for arthritis, it can’t hurt to try it as it’s a safer, more gut-friendly alternative to many of the therapies available for arthritis today. 

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