5 Reasons To Try Out a Male Chastity Cage

There are more reasons to try out a male chastity cage than you might expect. Keep reading and learn more about how it works here.

Would you let someone control you on an intimate level?

Some men clearly like the idea. There’s been a rising interest in male chastity devices in recent years. Many men have discovered the strange power a simple chastity cage can hold — a power that could change your sex life.

On the fence about giving someone else the keys to the kingdom? Here are five reasons to try out a male chastity cage.

1. A Sense of Submission

Giving up control over yourself is a curiously primal experience. For many, it’s also an exciting one.

Dominance and submission have long been a part of sex. You could even say they form its basic structure. So a chastity cage is an extension of that idea, of submitting to your partner and giving them control. It can be a thrilling experience for you both, rooted in the most basic forms of sexual expression.

2. Offer Ownership

For some, the appeal goes beyond submission and into something more dramatic: a sense of ownership. It can be liberating and arousing to hand over ownership of yourself to someone else. When you think about it, it’s the most intimate gift you can give.

This kind of ownership implies complete trust in your partner and, in a way, unburdens you. When someone else controls you, you can relax a little, knowing you’re not at the wheel.

3. Control Your Impulses

Most men won’t deny that they take a lot of advice from the friend downstairs – even if it’s not always a conscious choice.

With so much pressure to act coming from your other head, it’s sometimes a relief to keep your immediate impulses in check. Heck, you can get a lot done in a day without stopping so often for a relaxing/mind-clearing/distraction-based/just-for-fun (delete as appropriate) masturbation session.

When someone else is in charge, they’re the one controlling your impulses.

4. Build Your Desire

The flip side to the above, of course, is that denying those impulses tends to make them stronger.

Every day spent in denial is a day spent building the desire for release. When that release does occur, it’s going to be intense — but that’s a good thing. This kind of denial can turn a humdrum way to kill half an hour into an event, particularly if it’s with a partner who can really tease it out of you.

In short, a male chastity belt can put the excitement back into orgasms.

5. Man Down

For some men, part of the appeal lies in the emasculating nature of a chastity cage.

Men have external and internal pressures on them to meet society’s standards of “manliness” at all times. Hitting up a chastity store and buying a cage for yourself is, ironically, liberating. You can ditch those norms and act how you want for a change. 

The liberty to choose submission is a freedom in itself, and a middle finger to the dull ideas of what being a “real” man means.

The Allure of the Male Chastity Cage

The male chastity cage is a powerful device that means a lot of different things to different men. Now you understand a little more about why it appeals to many — and perhaps even intrigued you enough to try it.

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